Friday, July 25, 2008

Reasons I have not written anything yet today

1. I have two additional kidlets in the house right now. They think yelling is an art form LOL. And sliding down the steps is a good idea.

2. I did laundry earlier. It vibrates my desk. It was hard to concentrate with the desk shaking, though I tried. *Aiyayayayayayayaya*

3. Spongebob Square Pants isn't condusive when it's being blared from the other room. *sigh* are there only like four episodes of that show? Or am I lucky enough to hear the same ones over and over again?

4. I had to get some cleaning done. I gave up, went to do that. Yes, focusing on writing means the house...ummm gets cluttered. Eventually it needs attention and today's the day.

5. Then, the girls descended on me before their friends arrived to play "on the computer." *sigh* then I became computer guru, sorting out their computer issues.

I'm off to try writing. I'm thinking I need earplugs...



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