Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 serieses the oldest kidlet enjoys by Mechele

We went to the library yesterday. I’m so thrilled that we carted away a truckload of books. If I don’t do anything else right with my kids, I’m bound and determined they will be readers LOL.

1. Animorphs. She’s only got six more regular books plus a couple of special ones

2. Nancy Drew. She’s read all the ones at her old school library. And is excited about going to a different school in the fall to see what they have.

3. The Hardy Boys

4. Boxcar Children.

5. The Three Investigators

6. Encyclopedia Brown

7. Trixie Belden. Yes, you are seeing a trend here with the mysteries LOL.

8. American Girl Mysteries. She’s just starting this one. Got two books today.

9. Fairy Realms

10. Secrets of Droon. The series that started her off on chapter books. Thanks Mari. She’s read all the ones released but when the next one comes out, I know she’ll want to read it. Even if she can in like two seconds *sigh*.

11. Avalon

12. Harry Potter. Yes, she’s read them all. She rereads them, especially when we are out of “fresh” books. And she’s looking so forward to the movie in November. She and her best friend are already plotting to go together.

13. The Black Stallion. Technically she hasn’t started this one yet. But she wants to. She’s lost my copy of the first one *sigh* and wants to start there.

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