Friday, July 11, 2008

The week in review

1. 10 K has been added to Dark Raiders! I haven't had a 10 K week in a long time so I'm thrilled.

2. It looks like Girl Scouts ransacked our house. Both girls just joined troops so their stuff is all over. I was a Girl Scout for 11 years, more years ago than I care to remember. LOL. I'm happy with this turn of events.

3. Diva Kitty is still deathly afraid of storms. We've had many.

4. The Library episode of Dr. Who rocked! I finally watched the second part.

5. Deadliest Catch's Phil Harris is going through some heartbreaking stuff. But it cracks me up when he sneaks out to smoke, because that was my dad.

6. I'm not sure I know where Dark Raiders is going. I have written a synopsis but something doesn't feel right. It will be interesting to work out.

7. I watched several episodes of Walking with Dinosaurs by the BBC. I rented the DVD from the library. I love dinosaurs *G*. My favorite so far is the one on the Diplodocus.

8. I'm a major geek. We have a 10 gallon tank that right now houses one old fish. The others have gone onto better places. The tank isn't in the best place to be a fish tank because it's in direct light and algae builds up. So I'm debating what to do with it next. I had thought about a turtle because I love turtles. So I researched. Yes, geeky me got a book from the library. And the tank isn't big enough. So I thought about frogs. But most of those you have to feed live food to. I'm not sure I can do that. There is one that is aquatic that doesn't take live food. But it's aquatic, which would make the tank have the same problem as the fish tank. I've debated a salt water tank as well. Have a book on hold at the library on that. I've also thought about hermit crabs. LOL we shall see.

next week, the oldest has drama camp and I have the youngest without her playmate for all five days. So posting maybe sparse again. But here's hoping to another great week of writing.

May the muses have life to live


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