Saturday, July 26, 2008

Week in review

Let's see.

Blood Lines 5: Bitter Love released! I've gotten some good feedback on it already. Which makes me happy.

My newsletter was released (a day late in honor of Bitter Love). I posted at Loose Ends. I participated in a Loose Id chat at the Romance Room.

I wrote 6 K. Still know where I'm going and see the end. Probably...*thinks* less than 15 K to go. Holy wow, didn't realize that.

The above is good because the next Settler's Mine is chomping at the bit.

The girls have reached their goal of 30 books read for the summer and I told them if they reach 50, we'll do something really special.

I read Marley and Me. Awesome book about life with the world's worst dog. I laughed and yeah, I cried when I got to the end.

Watched In Her Shoes today with friends. I enjoyed very much. Laughed and cried with that, too. Going to try and find the book.

Next week marks a week where our best friends here are out of town. It will be the first time in months we haven't seen them once if not multiple times a week. I'm not sure we will survive. Especially the oldest.

May the muses have friends


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