Sunday, September 28, 2008

How I spent my Saturday night and a reminder

A few years ago I caught this song on the radio and went "Holy wow!" I marked it and almost immediately went home and tried to find it.

The song was Broken by Seether and Amy Lee. It remains one of the most haunting, beautiful songs I've ever heard. I will sometimes get in the mood for it and have to hear it. I like the Amy Lee version and there is a version of Seether doing the song with acoustic guitar. I like both for different reasons. One day, I'm going to have a write a fallen angel story and the inspiration will be Broken.

My sister has become a mega Seether fan. A month or so ago, she said, "Seether's coming to Richmond but I don't know anyone who will go with me."

I said, "Ummm, I will."

Last night was the concert. It rocked. State of Shock was one of the opening bands, and they are definitely my speed. Hard rock.

Seether knows how to put on a show. They had white lights all over the microphones and the stage. Part of the first number was done behind a curtain that showed only shadows.

There were quite a few numbers I really enjoyed. They played Broken with acoustic guitar and the whole audience was singing along. "Fake it" I think it is going to be a new favorite. *caution* the video is probably not work or kidlet safe.

I think I need to find their go along with my t-shirt. Thanks Sis!

Don't forget to go vote in the poll "What did Mechele do?" at my newsletter group, The Crayon Chronicles. The group is low volume and where I share everything first. I will draw among those who have voted correctly for a $10 gift certificate on Sept 30th. And reveal what exactly I've done *Grins*.

May the muses have beautiful songs

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