Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Local Things I love by Mechele

1. Ukrops. It’s a supermarket and an institution here in Richmond. Things I love: Their selection. They have the best meats, veggies and fruits. Their philanthropy. They contribute to things across the city, from parades to churches. They provide all the food to the SPCA. One very cold day, a long time ago, I was going in to grocery shop. A local animal group was outside with animals for adoption. A Ukrops’ employee came out with hot chocolate and cups for the volunteers. I’ve seen that happen more than once. It really made me respect a store who would do that for people.

2. The Richmond SPCA. They have this fairly new facility that’s just awesome. They have moved to being a no kill shelter. They do low coast spay/’neuter for the community. They do a lot with feral cat colonies, doing trap, spay/neuter, release. I’m a new volunteer and being behind the scenes has made me have that much respect for them. Not to mention, Sheba, my angel dog and Diva kitty both came from there. *cough* and maybe more…

3. Bottom’s Up… Oh the yummy pizza, let me count how much I love you. State Fair. BBQ chicken. Their sauce. Yummmmmmm.

4. My library. Twin Hickory is the nearest library to me. They have a display up about Banned Books Week. How cool is THAT? I also love being able to go online and order books. With my daughter reading serieses, that has been helpful to do.

5. Henrico Humane Society. They sponsor the Pet Expo, which has all these booths and demonstrations about pets. And the Neurotic Dog was rescued by them and fostered by them while she was awaiting adoption.

6. Short Pump Mall. While I HATE driving there, I love walking around. It’s an outdoor mall with a town type feel.

7. The schools. I love the school system here. The local school the girls went to has rocked most of the time with excellent teachers. Our principal, who left last year, was a wonder. She could call the girls and me by name when we walked in the school building.

8. Maymont. It’s a park/farm/refuge for animals. A historical site. We don’t go as often as I’d like to but it’s a lot of fun to walk around. They have Japanese gardens and a children’s barn with farm animals. It also has carriage rides.

9. Meadow Farm Museum. There is a super park here, too. Meadow Farm is a 1800’s style farm. And they work it like they did in the 1800’s. There’s an old house, built in the 1800’s.

10. Busch Gardens. It’s close enough to be local and my favorite amusement park. It’s so beautiful. The landscaping and the feel of it beckons me. I also love the Loch Ness Monster.

11. My local chapter of RWA. I don’t get to go to meetings as often as I’d like (mainly because I’m a horrible overscheduler for the girls *sigh* but that’s another story). But they are wonderfully supportive and fun to be around. I love the seminars they give.

12. My pediatrician and my vet. I’m lumping them in together but I’m very fond of them. The doctors always take time to listen to me. My vet was very kind when Sheba was in her last day.

13. Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. We went there over the summer and loved it. Ended up joining. The kids love the Children’s Garden and walking around looking at all the plants. They do a lot of events and have a beautiful Christmas display of lights that I’m looking forward to going to this year.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Matt and I'm one of the librarians at Twin Hickory. Thank you for including us on your list! It's quite an honor!

1:55 PM  
Blogger Mechele Armstrong said...

Matt, thank you so much for stopping by! And Twin Hickory is a favorite place of mine. The banned books display just cemented that.

8:07 AM  

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