Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And I was snoopy dancing

Because I have a new release! The Sixth Cursed Halloween went live last night. LOL I tried to wait for it but got too tired. I was so happy to get up this morning and see it had released.
Deidre was probably one of my most challenging characters to write. In the Six Curses of Christmas and The Sixth Curse of Spring, she's kind of a villain. You do get to see her more vulnerable in Spring, but still. So, not only did I have to make her transformation from man hater to in love believable in the Sixth Cursed Halloween, I had to find a hero worthy of her. I think Brad fits the bill and they have a pretty good love story. Only time and my readers will tell.
By the way, each story does stand alone. I'm hoping once you read one...you'll want to read them all *grins*. But even if you haven't picked up the first two, you can follow The Sixth Cursed Halloween.
So far it's been a rocking day!
The blurb:
On Halloween night, Brad settles down to repot his Bonsai tree. After an argument with his girlfriend, he needs someone to talk to. He's not expecting the tree to talk back.
Surprise! Deirdre's cursed inside his bonsai tree. She's been curled up watching him for years. This conversation's the first she's had in centuries.
Brad tries to set her free, but at the end of the night, he loses the ability to hear the woman with the sexy brogue. He vows he'll do what it takes to get her out, wanting to know the woman behind the voice. He even has erotic dreams about the woman she might be, for the five long years he searches for the saving spell.
Deidre hates men. All of them. Or does she? Brad's such an earnest hunk, so determined to do right by her. Maybe they have some redeeming qualities - like a sexy, muscular chest.
On the sixth Halloween, a woman from Brad's life turns Deidre's world upside down. Literally. That's not a good thing for a potted tree. Now she's getting a choice: a life with Brad without her magic or back to the trees, but she can work her curses and take her revenge. What will she choose this sixth cursed Halloween?
May the muses have curses

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Congrats on the new release!
That's a yummy cover.

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