Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Collections I have by Mechele

1. Stephen King books

2. For Better or For Worse books by Lynn Johnston, including 2 signed *swoon* and one signed print of a cartoon

3. Halloween, Christmas and Easter stuffed Snoopys

4. Julie Collins series books

5. Robin Schone books

6. postcards

7. Keychains

8. The hubby says I collect cups and mugs LOL

9. Shells

10. Reviews, comments, and all kinds of stuff on my books and writing career

11. Christmas stuff: ornaments, lights, inflatable Snoopy, polar bears, deer...

12. Christmas ornaments to commemorate the year and other things. Like have A Blues Clues and Arthur ornament from the year they were popular with the kids. Have ornaments for the current pets, except the newest one. One for when we moved into the house. One for when we got married.

13. Colds. I swear if I don't kick this one soon...



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