Saturday, November 01, 2008


Today, I went and hung out with Treva Harte, her daughter, and Bobby Michaels (author of the Jock Dorm and Veterans series) *squeee*). I had met Treva before (a few times) and enjoyed the revisit. And I really enjoyed meeting Bobby. We did the Veterans series together and I've rather enjoyed his stories that I've read. We had lunch down near where I went to college, so was neat to see how much and how little things change.

*cough* a partial reason behind our lunch will be revealed soon *G*.

I guest blogged at JC Wilder's World on Getting it right. Thanks JC for letting me take over.

I blogged Tuesday at Book Worm Bags on another agent search tip.

I posted at Georgia's Crossroads Cafe on the many different hats I wear

May the muses have all kinds of things to talk about and more news to share


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