Monday, November 10, 2008

Mish Mash

LOL typed the title and said, "That sounds disgusting." But it's sort of a jumping subjects blog today.

I blogged at Ladies of the Club on the Hero's Journey.

My participation in the 2008 Holiday Book Celebration is live at Writers Vineyard! If you click my name on the calendar, you're taken to a feature on the Six Curses of Christmas. There are a lot of great features on other holiday books by other authors as well. Hey, I'm already getting into the spirit. *G*

I was so so so sad to hear about Michael Crichton passing away. I was a huge fan. Read a lot of his books. I'll never forget when a friend read Jurassic Park and said, "OMG you have to read this." He said it was a book that he didn't think he'd like. As I'm a dinosaur geek, of course I read it and loved it. I bought The Lost World in hardback LOL. So was very serious about that series. I also loved the first few seasons of ER, a show that Crichton created.

My sympthy and thoughts go out to his family. He's a talent that will be missed.

I have a lot of news *blinks*. I'm going to be sharing with my newsletter group soon, and then will be posting here. Stay tuned!

I'm participating in 70 Days of Sweat, which begins today!

May the muses have holidays

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Blogger Ann said...

God luck with Sven. :)
I'm not doing Sven this go 'round.

10:43 PM  

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