Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Comedians I enjoy
1. Bill Cosby--the king. Chocolate Cake and the Dentist are two faves.
2. Larry Miller--the 5 stages of Drinking
3. George Lopez
4. Bill Engvall
5. Jeff Foxworthy
6. Larry the Cable Guy
7. Jeff Dunhan (with his puppets)
8. Gabriel Iglesias
9. Kate Clinton
10. Bill Harley
11. Mary Ellen Hooper
12. John Pinette
13. Bob Newhart
PS I blogged at Book Worm Bags with more advice on the great agent search

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Blogger Ann said...

Great list. I've been a slacker about putting up my lists. Actually I came up with this great list of books that came out recently (or were coming out very soon) and then ran out of time to actually post it. :)
P.S. About Williamsburg, which would work better for you- weekends or weekdays. I usually work one weekend a month, and I usually get the Friday before and the Tuesday after off. Other than that, I have no preferences.

8:31 PM  

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