Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Chilly start to the day

I know I haven’t been posting much in the wake of a deadline. So in the immortal words of Inigo Montoya from Princess Bride, “Let me 'splain.


No, there is too much. Let me sum up.”

1. I met my deadline on I Heart NY: Body Shots. Love Love the story. It topped out at 51 K *blinks*. Did a lot of writing on it, had some 10 K weeks, which is wonderful for me. Had a 5 K day which is rare for me.

2. My coauthorship, Melany Logen finaled in the 2009 EPPIES in the science fiction/futuristic category with Law’s Deliverance! I’m still snoopy dancing.

Also the nonfiction anthology, Nothing but Red that I'm a part of also finaled in the EPPIES. I'm so thrilled! The proceeds from this anthology are going to Equality Now. It's a collection of stories, poems, writings, and pictures all inspired by the death of Dua Khalil. Congrats to Skyla Dawn Cameron who put this project together and edited the anthology.

3. I did first round deadlines on Settler’s Mine: The Wolf. Another story I love. Clyde is da bomb. And I received my new cover. Check it out. It's gorgeous!

4. Settler’s Mine: The Rivals is out in print! It’s available on Amazon and if can be ordered by any bookstore with the ISBN number. I’m hoping maybe I’ll spot it in the store like I did Dinah’s Dark Desire. Wouldn’t that be COOL.

5. I joined a little group called Sensual Romance Sirens. *swoon* I’ve been a big fan and to now be a member is pretty incredible.

6. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family. Twas nice.

7. Decorated the outside. Snoopy is airborne *G*. Still have to do the inside. The tree is naked in the corner.

8. Have some cold things going on where my throat hurts and I keep getting hoarse. This combined with the brain deadedness of finishing a book and edits have kept writing totals down this week.

9. I have so MUCH to do! Eek. Both with writing and with the upcoming Holidays. I need to finish my Christmas cards. I need to start my Christmas cards...

9. Lots of fun things are coming up like a trip to Maymont's holiday celebration. And two Mother Daughter Christmas cookie exchanges. And lots of time with family and friends. I love this season! Even with number 8.

May the muses have lots to share


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Blogger FeyRhi said...

Oh I love Inigo. Your beginning gave me the biggest smile. *G*

You really are a busy chicka! Best of luck on everything. I suffering from withdrawl, I need something new to read! Lets hope they bump up your release dates. ;o)

12:05 AM  
Blogger Mechele Armstrong said...

I love him too! And that line kept coming to mind. I went to IMDB and actually read a bunch of quotes to make sure I had this one right. LOL wasted some time but it was fun.

Thanmks for the luck. LOL I'm working on line edits for the Wolf *G*. Soon enough. Soon enough.

7:43 AM  

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