Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Come amuse me :)

The weekend kept on giving. Strep throat in one kidlet. Stomach flu in the other. I'm expecting the kids to switch places LOL and then the adults get into the fun any time now.

However, tonight is the monthly M-Spot chat at 9 EST with Mari of Marissa Alwin and Melissa Lopez (Mel of Melany Logen and Rissa of Marissa Alwin). I hope to be there.

May the muses have chats



Blogger squiresj said...

Since you are in Virginia, may God grant you your snow. I wouldn't mind a little snow for the grounds sake but all they want to forecast here is ice. I don't want any of that with my youngest driving an hour to and from College twice a week. That's an hour each way. Another Semester and she'll have her B.A.
I can pass you a few more cats and kittens - boy would I like to get rid of some. I have two inside cats, a large dog outside and way way too many cats.
Anyway wanted you to know I got newsletter and dropped by.

4:06 AM  
Blogger Mechele Armstrong said...

squiresj, LOL thank you for the snow wish. No, ice. I don't want that. And especialy not with your youngest driving back and forth. Good for her on getting her BA!

A little snow would be nice...

LOL the hubby has said if any more critters move in...he's moving out. And I like having him around so we can't get anything else alive for a while.

Thanks for dropping by. And if you'd like some promo stuff, email me mechele(a) (@ instead of (a)).

8:35 AM  

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