Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wintery Ick

Is falling around here. I'm hoping they are right and the temperatures rise tonight and tomorrow. If it's not going to snow...I don't want it! LOL.

I'm currently battling a cold, mostly a cough, which makes the cold weather even more fun to deal with. The hubby has asked me a few times if I need new lungs. The oldest seems to have the cold, but both of them are doing better than last week. Someone suggested we take Vitamin D. I'm thinking we'll try it!

I'm about 21 K into Settler's Mine: The Man and expect it to top out at 30-35 K. We'll see. I'd love to finish it by next week. We'll see on that, too.

May the muses have updates

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Blogger FeyRhi said...

Nasty winter germs!! Good news only 53 days till Spring. *G* I counted today at work. Also the days are starting to get a bit longer..at least that is what I am telling myself so I don't go mad.

can't wait to read the newest addition to the Settler's Mine collection.

10:20 PM  

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