Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Five

1. I posted at TRS Blue today on Sex and posted at Loose Ends yesterday on laughter.

2. Having fun cleaning up the Man. I'm almost done! Whooo hoo!

3. 100 of the 200 mini muffins are baked. However, the little mini muffin cups? They stick to the muffins like glue. I used them for the 1st 50 and then quit. You can't get the muffins out! *sigh* so I maybe remaking them. Haven't decided yet. Thinking Day for the oldest is coming up fast (tomorrow afternoon).

4. We had planned on going to Washington DC on Sunday as a celebration. However, they are calling for icky weather. Not sure what we're doing. Will keep an eye on the weather.

5. I'm reading Einstein never used Flash Cards. I've been feeling rather hurried with our schedules lately and also pressed that I should be doing even more. From what I've read so far...I'm glad we do have some free days.

May the muses have free days

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