Monday, February 02, 2009

Not so much a quickie

The kidlets are home with me today. They've already had a couple of fights. *sigh* When they get along, they REALLY get along and I don't hear from them. When they fight, they REALLY fight.

Not sure what we are doing if anything. The youngest has the cold the rest of had and while it's not a bad one, she doesn't look like she feels good.

I blogged at The Romance Studio today on the Winter Blues (and got interrupted about 4 times LOL while writing it).

An update for writing: Settler's Mine: The man is about 4 scenes away from completion. I'd hoped to be finished by now but I'm also trying to "get it right" and that's taken some time. Hopefully by the end of the week...

Anyone seen Juno? During the weekend I was ailing, the hubby and I watched it. Really really liked it. The dialogue was snappy and fun. The story was real. It could have descended into a million different cliches but it never did. I was quite impressed. I had already heard a lot of the music and really like that, too.

On our toilet upstairs the flusher part broke. The youngest has become fascinated with how it works. She flushed it two dozen times yesterday because you had to open the lid and physically pull up the flusher piece. She also had to see how the one downstairs works and was puzzled that it was different. It's made me laugh all weekend how much she was flushing the toilet just because she had to take off the lid to do it.

May the muses have broken toilets to shake things up

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