Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend recap and looking ahead

Thinking Day went well. I really enjoyed presenting the 1920's.

This week, the youngest has a play at PTA. She's so excited I think she's bouncing. The oldest and I have to make 200 mini muffins for her Thinking Day.

I'm determined to submit Settler's Mine: The Man by next weekend. I've been through the first three chapters. I'd like to start a new project next Monday.

I watched Dark Knight just in time for Heath Ledger's Oscar win. I can definitely see why he won. His Joker was creepy, smart, and well thought out. Dark movie but really enjoyed it.

Oddly enough, LOL we also watched some of Big Bang Theory's first season. "I'm a fricking genius." The humor is so smart and snappy in that show, I'm really enjoying it.

Also watched the 2nd episode of Doll House. I'm intrigued by Echo and her storyline. With Joss Whedon, I expected one heck of a story and so far, I'm right. The hubby says it's a sure thing Fox will cancel it because it shows so much promise. I hope not.

May the muses have weekends

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