Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Five

1. I blogged at TRS Blue about Women's History Month and the right of women to vote.

2. Is anyone else watching Dollhouse? I had been intrigued but not wowed. Last night, I watched last Friday's DVRed episode. Now...I'm wowed. Holy cow what a good episode. It had several twists that while I may have seen them coming, they were executed in a way that left me breathless. Yes, Joss Whedon still rocks.

3. I either have allergies or a code. I'm leaning toward allergies because the youngest had a bad bout and because my eyes are leaking. One eye wants to cry all the time *sigh*. I took allergy medicine and it made me so sleepy I could barely function. Course sniffling and tearing all the time isn't doing much for action either.

4. Have you ever heard Jeanne Robertson's comedy? I've heard a couple of routines by her on the radio comedy channel and wound up hearing one this week about her trip to Hawaii with her husband. He didn't want to pay a cab and took the city bus LOL to the hotel with all their luggage. It had me cracking up!

5. I'm in the home strectches of the new story. I hope to finish it early next week. It's not a long one, definitely a novella. It will probably be around 25 K. I'm over 18 K in.

May the muses have weekends

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