Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday blah blah

I survived my weekend with two cookie booths, gymnastics, volleyball, Girl Scouts (with an award ceremony), and a PJ party.

The little one is home today with a really bad cough. I think she's experiencing allergies. The main reason she stayed home is that she got almost no sleep and coughing is wearing her down. I think we are going to try some kidlet allergy medicine. Good news is her lungs are clear.

Did I mention I got no sleep? Neither did the hubby. And I'm sure oldest will be dragging around due to the coughing disrupting her sleep.

It's rather hard to write a sexy scene with Phineas and Ferb blaring and a coughing kidlet so not much progress today. Maybe 800 words so far.

I did clip the spaz kitty's nails and clean out the litter box. Yeah, the exciting life of an author who works from home.

My mother in law came by with my faery dress to try on. OMG it's going to be gorgeous! I'm so so exited.

Well, I'm being paged by Typhoid youngest (LOL she's not really sick I don't think. Just worn out from coughing).

May the muses have progress

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