Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Touchup

I started my Monday blah blah post and forgot to post it! My excuse is that I'm one chapter away from finishing the new story! Whooo hooo!

I hope to submit soon.

RT is in three weeks!! Eek! So much to do. And Spring Break is next week.

The week before RT is going to be insane. Dentist appointment, Egypt fair for youngest, possibly chaperoning two field trips, have to pick up trash for Earth Day with the youngest, oldest goes camping for two nights and comes back early for a church choir performance. Oh my.

Dollhouse was pretty good last Friday. I find myself more and more intrigued.

My youngest made a vinegar cleaner for Girl Scouts and I'm finding myself using it more and more. I like it. It does a good job cleaning. And those "Kills 99.9% of germs" products scare me. We are making so many bacteria drug resistant.

I'm off to finish that chapter!

May the muses have bacteria

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