Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday Five

1. Spring Break is next week. I will probably not be blogging much. My children have all these things they want to do...and I need to write so blogging will probably get left in the dust. Things they want to do: see number 3, go to the science museum, play with friends, have sleepovers, go to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, go to Maymont. Most of all, they want to sleep late. Someone alert the critters on this plan!

2. Cleanup has begun on Another Night, Another Dream. I've also started another Blood Lines, possibly the last one. I've written the first scene. It's going to be a bumpy ride...

3. Have you ever letterboxed? It's sort of like a treasure hunt where you follow clues to boxes. There's a stamp and a journal in the box, and you carry a stamp and a journal and you stamp your journal with their stamp and their journal with your stamp to show you were there.

4. Deadliest Catch returns right before I head out for RT. I find myself really looking forward to watching it again. I've found myself getting into Chuck, too. They only have a few more episodes to wrap up this season.

5. Allergies suck! We all seem to be allergic to something in the air. An allergy med has helped the youngest but made the rest of us drowsy as could be. We are all coughing, eyes running, nose running. Yeah, real attractive. And according to a friend, Virginia's not even on the high side for pollen. *sigh*

May the muses have stamps

PS: Note to the robin in my front yard:

My car is not a rival or a mate. Please stop flying at it and pooping on it. I have two cats. That is all. (No, I wouldn't let the cats get him/her and I don't think Diva kitty would know what to do with a bird if she got close, which she wouldn't.)

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