Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Just had to say it

Happy birthday, hubby! I hope you have a good one.

I finished the new story. *bounces* I'm very excited about it. Now to clean it up and get it submitted.

Oh! It's official. I'm signing as Mechele at the Saturday book fair at RT!!! I'll have Melany's Secrets of Seduction II and Dinah's Dark Desire and the Rivals to sign, too!!

I blogged at TRS on April Fool's Day and at Georgia's on Downtime.

I forgot to mention a neat coincidence yesterday.

A week or so ago, the youngest and I had a cookie booth outside a store. Next door was a petstore and Henrico Humane Society was outside with dogs. Needless to say my daughter and her other Brownie friend were very distracted. HHS was getting ready to leave and they had loaded up all dogs but one. The youngest and I ended up going over to see him.

He was a sweetie. Definite older dog and very mellow. We talked to the HHS volunteer about him as she loaded him into the car.

Flash forward to finding out that my friend's mother in law adopted a dog. As I found out more about him, I became suspicious. Asked for a picture. Yep, that was the dog! The youngest and I were just thrilled to find out that the dog we met was adopted.

I can't say enough about Henrico Humane Society, which is where we adopted our neurotic pooch from, and The Richmond SPCA, where both kitties and our former dog came from. They both do very good work with animals and do all they can to adopt out pets to forever homes.

May the muses have dogs

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