Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RT Tues--the arrival and the hotel

Instead of doing one long blog, I'm going to do short ones as I think of stuff.

I rolled out of Virginia about 10 in the morning, heading down to Florida. I sweated my bag being over the 50 pound limit but it was 47, just under the limit. Sweet!

Landed in Atlanta, had lunch, and then back to traveling. Fairly uneventful except for the woman next to me who almost got deplaned due to high blood pressure.

Arrived at the hotel and talked to Trista Ann Michaels who had graciously offered to pick me up from the airport, and Lynn Lorenz, who Trista was also picking up. I really enjoyed chatting on the ride over to the hotel with them.

I had heard the hotel was spread out and it was. Lots of walking for anything. I got checked in, ran into my buddy Ann and Larissa Ione.

Some drama happened at home so as I was headed to pick up my package (my post its) and go to the room, I was talking to the family.

Arrived at the room, dropped off my stuff, found my roomie, Melissa Lopez and my pal, Sam Cheever and sat at the bar beside the pool for a bit.

Next, the rest of the day...



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