Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RT Tues--the rest of the day

(Again, I'm doing smaller bits as I get to them rather than a long post.)

After hanging in the bar a little while with Melissa and Sam, we walked (hiked) to the convention center to see if registration was open. It was!

May I just say the bag they gave out this year are wonderful? They will be useful for along time with all the pockets and the zippered close. The name tag was very useful, too with a pocket and pouch. Also included this year was a list of everything you were supposed to participate in like panels, events, signings, etc. That was a nice touch.

Mari had been delayed so wasn't coming in until later that night. We managed to pick up her bag, too.

We crossed the road of traffic (lots!) and went to dinner with Lynn, Trista, and *thinks* another woman whose name escapes me right now (if I figure it out, I'll edit). Had a lot of good writerly conversation.

Mari arrived and she and I and Melissa went to the private Ellora's Cave author party. Was fun.

We stopped at the bar and had a margarita before we called it a night.



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