Wednesday, April 29, 2009

RT Wed--Panels, expos, parties and more

Got up Wed and found some breakfast. I took over my postits for promo lane and my giveaway for Club RT.

Attended a wonderful panel on being 10 places at once (promotion). Got quite a bit of information from that panel.

I also participated in a panel on Putting the Men in Menage with Trista Ann Michaels, Samantha Kane, Liddy Midnight, Lacey Savage. We really had a wonderful time discussing both m/m/f and m/f/m menages, what to do and what not to do. Went well I thought.

The Ebook Expo came and I had a good time sitting and talking to people coming by. Gave away 25+ excerpt CD's and 25+ Book Worm Bags.

Treva Harte popped by with Loose Id tattoos and Anne Douglas came by to say "Hey!"

We had a quickie dinner, I think with Ann (my days are running together, it might have been Thurs I had dinner with Ann) and then onto the Ellora's Cave Jungle Fantasy party. I was announced as Melany Logen and escorted across the stage by a model. I didn't fall so was good LOL.

I didn't stay late because the Faery Ball was the next day and I was very nervous about my day on Thursday.

May the muses have good times

PS on Tuesday I met the incomparable Lyn Cash! I was so thrilled to see her face to face.


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