Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friday Five

A day early....

1. Field Day is Friday with the youngest (hence the day early). It should be a lot of fun. Races, tug of war, jolly ball. And I get to do it all over with oldest in a week :).

2. Writing is struggling along. I wrote a scene that I knew didn't work and it took me two days to figure out why. But I did and fixed it! I'm aiming for 2 K or more a day and so far...not hitting much more but am hitting the 2 K.

3. Big Bang Theory had their season finale. LOL now I have to wait all summer to find out what happens.

Deadliest Catch is gearing up for the end of King Crab season. I really wonder what's going to happen with Phil Harris. Will he ever go back out as captain?

4. Checked out Scream for Me and Kill for Me by Karen Rose from the library. Haven't started them but really looking forward to reading them. Even if Die for Me did haunt me a bit.

5. So my county is going through redistricting. It's been getting heated as everyone has plans they like. On Wed night I went to a meeting on it. I had to cheer. One guy used the example of a 8th grader, Chuck who just worked up the nerve to talk to the little red haired girl to make his point. *G* Peanuts is everywhere!

May the muses have jolly ball


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