Saturday, May 02, 2009

RT Friday--this ghouls for you

Now I could relax LOL. My nervous times were over and done with.

My hubby called with a question first thing in the morning so the roomies and I woke up to Pour Some Sugar on Me. LOL

I did Club RT Friday morning, ran into my friend Ann and chatted with her for a bit.

Hit promo lane again. Attended a couple of publisher spotlights.

Went to the Harlequin 60th anniversary and had mashed potatoes in a martini glass. That was interesting.

Attended the Agent panel, which was pretty good with information.

Had to miss the editor panel due to an obligation. Thanks to Jane from Dear Author who twittered the whole time. While I was waiting, I was reading her tweets. Jane, you took very good notes! I appreciated it.

Had a snack with Melissa, Sam, Mari, Trista and Lynn. Then we got ready for the vampire ball.

The skit Heather Graham and the group did was very good. We laughed a lot and it had a lot of interesting music.

When dancing began, we ended up sitting with Lynn, Trista, Eileen and Brooke. We did a lot of table dancing.

Mari and Melissa ended up getting a centerpiece...a creepy centerpiece.

We shut down the party and had a now customary drink at the bar.



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