Saturday, May 02, 2009

RT Thurs-I got nerve

Attended a panel on epublishing myths, which was good. Had an appointment, which was another cause of my nervousness but went well. We will see what happens with it.

Oh! On Wed, I met up with Mary Stella, a good friend, and Beth Ciotta. Beth just got a puppy and I have serious puppy envy! LOL.

Off and on, I went to help set up for the faery ball and also attended the mandatory practice. Realized I would be FIRST introduced. *gulp*.

Went back to the room and got into my faery dress. It was beautiful. I wore the hood and the wings and just adored it. My MIL rocks!

I had chosen to be picked up via golf cart because several others in my building were being picked up. I walked out and a golf cart picked me up...apparently the wrong cart as they called the room looking for me later. Yes, in my faery dress, wings, and hood, I got a lot of strange looks riding in a golf cart to the convention center. LOL.

Had a quick picture session, realized we would be eating on stage and *gulp* I was sitting right next to the stage edge.

The skit that Mark Johnson did was very cute, then he introduced all of us. I didn't trip or fall! Yay me. Sat very carefully next to the edge. Ate very very carefully so as not to drop anything on my dress.

Went out to the floor to dance after faery court obligations were done. They played my favorite song *G*. Apparently Mary Stella told them to *G*.

I shut down the Faery ball and helped to clean up. Walked back to the bar and had a quick drink with Melissa and Mari.

Next Fri and Sat.



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