Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Five

1. Tweaking continues on the Blood Lines. I still hope to submit before I leave on vacation. We'll see. I missed a day because...

2. Diva Kitty nearly gave me a heartattack. She disappeared for 24 hours. It was my fault as she got out when I was taking in groceries. She hunkers down a lot of evenings so we didn't realize she was gone until the morning. I lost a day looking for her.

3. Posted at Loose Ends on rereading.

4. Okay, I'm completely captivated by the latest episodes of Deadliest Catch. I'm so glad Phil is back and really wanted him off the ice. The Time Bandit boys weren't in the last one.

5. I've been waiting to announce this...Another Night, Another Dream has been accepted by Loose Id! Whooo hoooo. I'm really excited. Soon, I'll get to sweat about the latest Blood Lines. LOL.

May the muses have books to reread

PS wanted to direct attention to a couple of articles at ESPAN. Angela James' A call to Action, Raelene Gorlinsky's The Author Advantages of E, and Treva Harte's Investing. Great round of articles and 'nuff said.

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