Sunday, June 28, 2009

Friday Five

1. I return! I've been at Hershey for the last five days. We had a good trip. Stopped by Gettysburg on the way there and tooled around. Climbed the side of a mountain. The girls really enjoyed The Chocolate World Tour and we did that several times.

Hersheypark was fun. Our first day in we ran into this:

Yes, that's a squirrel with a Reeses cup. Apparently even the squirrels are into chocolate.

We rode lots of rides (the youngest's fave: Sidewinder; the oldest: The Whip) and wound up in the water park (The Boardwalk) a lot. Probably how I fried my back :(. We also toured ZooAmerica. Our favorite animals were the prairie dogs. We went to Lancaster and saw an Amish house and rode through a covered bridge. The oldest started feeling crummy yesterday and didn't feel well at all...until she walked in her front door today. Not sure if she had a virus or what but she's feeling better now. It was a long drive home with lots of traffic once we passed DC. The cats and dog were really happy to see us.

2. I did get my book into the editor so now I wait to see whether it will be accepted or not. And I have edits on Another Night Another Dream. I will probably start with those tomorrow.

3. Blogged at Georgia's Crossroads Cafe on vacations.

4. My project for next week: The office that I share with the kids is in shambles. It needs organization and serious cleaning. We'll see how far I get.

5. I heard lots of 80's music this week. Have been singing lots of it. Bruce Springsteen. Bryan Adams. My kids are like, "Why?" LOL.

May the muses have trips


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