Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another NIght, Another Dream is out! *does a little dance*

The scream just after midnight was me. Sorry. Couldn’t help it. LOL but was too tired to send out anything about it.

Another Night, Another Dream has released. I’m so excited. This one’s a little different.


Cassie thought she'd convinced her friends not to throw her some lame birthday party, but when her 25th rolls around, boy was she wrong. Not only is there a birthday party, but there's a stripper, and a bitchy little tramp who insults Cassie's plus-sized curves at her own party. Pissed off beyond belief, Cassie storms out, only to get trapped in a stairwell.

The stripper, Aden, and the bodyguard, Leo, follow her out to check on her, but just their luck, they get trapped in with her. Aden can't believe his luck at being stuck with the gorgeous birthday girl and the Hotty McHotass he's been looking at all night. Hotty McHotass takes the whole thing pretty stoically, just like he does everything else—but you can't judge a book by its cover.

To distract Cassie from a claustrophic panic attack, the boys start up a game of Truth or Dare. Cassie reveals her secret fantasy to have a threesome, and one by one, hearts, souls, and bodies are laid bare. It's a fantasy come true, and so much more, but when the game's over, will it turn out to be just another night, another dream?


What a day. Who cares if it's heat indexes in the 100's! I'll still be dancing.

May the muses have heat

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