Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Friday Five

1. I've got a pretty! And as soon as I can, I will share!

2. It's the back to school tax free weekend here in Virginia. I've been collecting supplies but the last run was today. It's hard to believe it's August already! It's hard to believe how much I spent. Yikes.

3. So when I was teenager, I read some sci-fi/fantasy. One day on a whim, I picked up a book with a unicorn on the cover. Ariel by Stephen R. Boyett. Loved it and enjoyed The Architect of Sleep by him as well. Several months ago, I wound up googling Boyett and finding out the re-release of Ariel and a sequel to Ariel were imminent. I subscribe to his newsletter and wound up getting some freebies, bookmarks and postcards in the mail. Amazing how much that thrilled me. I'm looking forward to the releases.

4. I really really need a nap. Seriously. I think I'm becoming addicted to sleep. I've been so tired lately.

5. It amazes me how people insult reviewers with "just a reader" comments. I can't imagine. Really just can't.


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