Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Five

1. I'm still over the moon about Another Night, Another Dream. Yes it gets lonely and I have to vsit it...

2. I'm one book away from meeting my reading goal for the summer, which was 10 books. The oldest has met hers (and we didn't even count the Harry Potter series which she read in anticipation of the movie as she'd already read the books once). The youngest is close. I hope within the next week.

3. The youngest has developed a real love of audio books. We've been listening to the first and second Harry Potter. Jim Dale does such a good job reading them. I keep wondering audio books count for reading goals? She really does enjoy listening to books. And she's remembering parts of them.

4. The cats went to the vet Thursday. The older cat, Diva Kitty really hates it. She meows the whole entire time. Both got a good report and we don't have to go back for them for an entire year. Spaz cat has grown to a whopping 13 pounds. I told the vet I've cut him way back now that I'm sure he's no longer growing. He's a really long, very tall tabby.

5. The Big Bad Wolf at Bush Gardens is closing :(. It's my hubby's favorite coaster and both of the girls rode that one as their first coaster. I'm rather sad. We hope to ride it two more times before it closes on Sep 4th (I think).

May the muses have coasters


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