Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Five

1. Posted at Loose Ends on Truth.

2. Next week is the last week of freedom for the kidlets. And then my freedom begins *grins*. We've had a good summer and I'll report soon on those summertime goals. They spent the day with grandma Thursday to work on sewing projects.

3. I posted on a blog about perceptions and one thing I talked about was reading books where a secondary character was featured because the author had this character as the heroine in her newest book. I was about half way down with the second book and didn't like the character, which gave me pause about the new book. Well, the woman grew up in the second half of that other book. She redeemed herself and the bad decisions she had been making. She impressed me with how much she changed during that book, and she wasn't even the main character of that book, just a secondary one. So am definitely perceiving her in a new light and ready for her story to be told.

4. I've been a fairly vocal supporter of the local SPCA here. The CEO just lost her 16 year old dog because he was locked in a car duing 90 degree heat for four hours. I'm not going to comment on what is quickly becoming a politicized issue, except to say I still believe in the good the SPCA does. And it's a reminder to be vigilant. I had my own reminder a few months ago when Diva Kitty took a walk on the wild side. It scared me. We were lucky that nothing happend to her.

5. I'm writing again! I think I was brain dead and the idea of a sequel scares me. But I'm slowly getting back on track. Course I'm taking some Girl Scout courses and figured out I have about 4 hours of homework before the 12th of September. Eek. In addtion to a 45 minute orientation. Yikes.

May the muses have muses



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