Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Link round up

I blogged at Authors of Erotic Romance on Sunday about Perceptions (yes, a popular topic for me, for some reason it's been on my mind) and at Trampy Vamps today on what makes vampires sexy!

My friend, Corinne Davies has a beautiful new cover. I'm so happy for her!

My friend, Mari of Marissa Alwin blogged at TRS Blue about what men are thinking.

Friend, Melissa posted a Thursday Thirteen of Randomness.

Chat tonight with Mari and Melissa at 9 PM EST at Mspot chat. We always have a good time dishing about books and writing.

As if I didn't have enough with two cats, two kids, one dog, and one hubby, I'm thinking about hermit crabs. Our very very very old fish passed away recently. I'm thinking about hermit crabs instead of a fish tank. I had thought about turtles or frogs to replace the fish but discovered a lot of turtles and frogs need lots of tank and also things. *blinks*

I've been researching hermit crabs the last couple of days so I can begin collecting all the tank stuff for them.

Some nifty links on Hermit crabs.

Crabby talk

I'm hopefully going to be my youngest's assistant troop leader in the fall. I love Girl Scouts *G*. I had to apply and get references. I'm going to take CPR and first aid in September.

The three pets are getting microchipped at our local SPCA. I can't say it enough, support your local shelters. The SPCA does so much for and with my community. They impress me at every turn.

May the muses have crabs...hermit crabs



Blogger Unknown said...

*muah* I've over the moon about it too. I'll see you tonight!

1:14 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks for linking to my TRSBLOG!! HUGS Chat was fun last night! *tosses confetti* for Corinne

10:39 AM  

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