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The annual Summertime Thursday Thirteen-What I did

The annual Summertime Thursday Thirteen

As I do every year, I'm going to post my goals to summer. Sometimes I get to them. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes I find other things to become goals I didn't even know about when I wrote this. I will post in late August/early September about how we did on meeting the goals.

1. Write. Oh yeah, deadline of July 1st. Gotta get that manuscript turned in. I'm aiming for June 28th. Made the deadline! Haven't done a whole lot of writing since. :( Need to get back into a groove.

2. Go to the library. My girls have signed up for the summer reading challenge and I'd really like them to make and meet summer reading goals. I'd love to spend a lot of time at Twin Hickory. I love our library :) I think I'll set a reading goal too...and I've signed up for the adult summer reading programs. We spent quite a bit of time at the library. I did meet my reading goals and discovered a new author, Joy Fielding. The youngest has really turned into a lover of audio books. The oldest met her reading goal first (not counting the 7 Harry Potter books she reread in anticipation of the movie), followed by me, with youngest coming up third. We went to a local water park with friends to celebrate the meeting of the goals. Whoo hooo!

3. Go to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens a lot. They have an exhibit, Butterflies Live that I'm chomping at the bit to go see. They also have water play on warm days and as I'm sure gymnastics practice will be in the heat of the afternoons and Lewis Ginter is close by.... Well, practice wasn't in the afternoons. *blinks* I know I'm shocked, too. Tragically, we didn't make it to Lewis Ginter multiple times. Only once so far. Butterflies Live is sooooo cool. LOL.

4. Go to Busch Gardens. The youngest wants to grow 2 inches by the end of summer to ride all the coasters. I'd like to go there 3 or 4 times this summer. We did this one. The youngest went most with her gymnastics gym. LOL she's still not there on height for two coasters. And MAD about it. Hopefully by next summer. We are sad they are closing down the Big Bad Wolf on the 7th of September :>(. We all rode it one last time except for oldest who said "Once was enough." She rode it once earlier in the summer, her first coaster.

5. Spend time at pools. Yes, we'd like to sit poolside. Although, considering my oldest's burn rate already, indoor pools maybe better for us. Not as much as we would have liked but we did quite a few pool days, the girls more than me. The oldest got burned several times. She's now sun wary. Probably not a bad thing. And the youngest still has problems with her eyes at times. They get uber red, not just the whites but around her eyes and also swell. We did do some twisting by the pool so we'll mark that one done. *G* and even earned a Junior Badge and Brownie Try-it for Water Fun.

6. Go on vacation with the family. We'd like to go to Hershey *Grins*. Hot dog! We did it. Had a really nice trip. Went to Gettysburg. Hung out at the chocolate factory and two days at Hershey Park. Rather enjoyed ourselves. Youngest was mad she couldn't ride three coasters, yes there is a trend here but enjoyed what she could ride. It was nice and for the most part, work let hubby alone that week.

7. Travel to Washington DC to attend the Passionate Ink Nationals Luncheon. I'm excited about this. Little nervous about the travel (Northern VA...ughhh) but hope I make this one. I did it. Rode the Metro for the first time, which I rather enjoyed. Yeah, I'm a geek. It was neat and I picked up my certificate in person. Whoo hooo.

8. Write some fun stuff. I've been working my butt off on submissions. After Blood Lines is done, I'd like to do a few fun writing things. *sigh* I didn't meet this goal. I'm a little sad about it.

9. Spend time with my mother in law and with my sisters. Have been missing them. Did some spending time together. Would have liked to have done more.

10. Walk the dog daily. All the rain and the schedule has left her wanting in the walk department. I'd like to institute a family walk daily. Didn't do too bad on this goal! She did get some walks. The kids came a lot, too.

11. Volunteer at the local SPCA. We did. The oldest actually got into volunteering. Loved doing laundry LOL. I think she's developed a new respect for the SPCA and what it does. We'd like to keep volunteering throughout the school year.

12. Just hang out. Not have anywhere to be. Chill at the house with no plan. (I say that now...but after a few days, the kidlets will be fighting I bet and I'll wonder why nothing is going on LOL). I don't know why we didn't do this one more. It was supposed to be a low key summer. I don't really think the low key part happened. Stuff came up.

13. Find fireworks on the 4th. We did this! My sister came and we met some friends. Was nice.

We picked up music lessons in mid summer. Oldest got a guitar for her birthday and it was required for the present. The youngest clamored for piano lessons. I think youngest really really enjoys piano. She's beamed for all lessons and will practice without fussing. We'll see how that goes because they both signed up for more lessons.

The kids also sewed with Grandma and had a blast. They both really enjoy doing things like that. The youngest will walk around, "What can I make?" talking about cooking or making a craft. Apparently they did really well with the sewing machine.

We'll see what I do and don't do. There you have it. What we did and didn't do on summer break.



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