Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Five

1. I'm in the home stretch of Another Dream, Another Reality. Only about another 8 K to go. I feel the end coming on.

2. October is shaping up to be uber busy with kidlet events and (whoo hoo) Authors After Dark Paranormal Weekend. Not sure if I'm supposed to tell but my friend is Ann is going with me. I'm looking forward to it but it's going to be very short LOL.

3. My oldest is in 5th grade and will have to start making decisions about middle school. Yikes. We have an IB program here. Open houses have begun. I look at this school and think "OMG. I would have loved this." So I have to keep in mind, I'm not the one going and that she has to make up her own mind. We can try and direct her to what we think is best for her (our job as parents), but she's the one who has to be committed to this decision or it won't work. I really do think, my own thoughts about myself notwithstanding, IB would be a good fit. She already loves to learn. Our big topic of the past couple of days: rabies. She's asked me a dozen questions about this disease after seeing a raccoon in our neighborhood and listening to a book read to the youngest. I had to do some research myself LOL to answer her fully. We will see what happens.

4. Big Bang returned with the guys coming back from the North Pole. I enjoyed the episode but one part was kind of meh for me. I'm sure it's to be explored down the road.

5. I know I already posted on Patrick Swayze's passing. For me, he really was an icon of my youth. Yesterday, I bought the People magazine tribute and found myself crying as I read the article. He and his wife had such a romantic love affair. One that weathered a lot of trials but always came through in the end.

May the muses have love affairs


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say yes to the muses on this one.


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