Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday blah blah

Here's to another good writing week! Maybe some more good reviews? That will make my day.

Found a couple of interesting things:

Video on pilots who rescue dogs from shelters and fly them to loving homes. Neat program.

I hadn't gotten around to watching John Rich's Shuttin' Detroit down but did last night. Holy wow. How powerful.

I also watched Brad Paisley's Welcome to the Future. Like that one, too.

Darryl Worley's Sounds like Life to me, which I think is becoming a theme song much like his Awful Beautiful Life.

I had to explain 9/11 more fully to the 10 year old. She's old enough to finally...understand--that's not the right word, but it's the closest I can come up with--what happened. Gah, it's hard.

May the muses have a future.


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