Monday, October 26, 2009

Authors after Dark Paranormal Weekend

I'm still deconstructing the weekend that I spent in Suffern, NY. I almost lost my voice and have developed an annoying cough, so still am not 100%well but better than I was last week for sure.

I really think this con is going to grow and I can't really wait to see how it develops over the coming years. This was the very first one. Heh, I can say I attended. It was small. But oh, the energy that flowed through it was tangible. Amazing. The charity raffle had SO many prizes. And it raised over $1500 for Pets Alive, an amazing animal rescue organization.

The atmosphere was casual and intimate. I liked that. I wish I were an extrovert at those times, but I enjoyed sitting down with people and chatting. Did so with both readers and other authors, which was nice. I sometimes don't feel I get to meet people at other cons because you are running to places or have something else going on.

What else? ...the food was amazing. Everyone commented on how good the food was for a convention. They had worked hard to ensure that there were vegetarian choices at every meal.

Actually, the buzz I heard from everyone on Sunday morning was that this was a GREAT Con. There was tons of swag, giveaways, baskets, etc. Several mentioned the intimate nature of the weekend and how really good that was.

The book signing was incredible. Had a lot of people stop by and say hi. And many got my books signed *Grins*, which always just thrills me.

Another author was talking to me and talked about how people had come up to say they'd read her books and how wonderful it felt. She said, "I guess you're used to that." I was quick to say, "I'm not. And I don't think I ever will be." I'm always blown away when a person comes up and says they read me and how much they love my books. Always. I want to simultaneously cry and jump hug them at the same time. Love them and squeeze them and call them George...*ahem*. Honestly, it means the world to me that people read me and enjoy my stories.

Two highlights of many from the signing, one very nice woman had every single book of mine for me to sign. She also took a picture with me. Yeah that made my day! LOL. I also had one of the Pets Alive volunteers buy a book of mine and come get it signed. Yay!

I also had the pleasure to sit at a table with and talk to the book seller, Melissa from Paperbacks N'Things. Awesome awesome lady. She loves books and it shows. If only I were closer to Michigan... I may have to find a way to do a signing there... One day.

Let's see, Jacquelyn Frank, who was the host of the event, was incredible. She had so much energy. My roomie and friend, Ann, introduced us and Jackie hugged me. Thanked me for participating. I'm not sure what I thought she would be like, I'd never met her, but she was very laid back and down to earth. Not to mention, funny as could be.

I sat a table a couple of times with Jennifer Armintrout, who I rather enjoyed talking to. She's a fascinating person. I bought one of her books and can't wait to start it. Also sat with Rosemary Laurey one night and so enjoyed her talk at the vampire panel, I bought a book of hers (as Georgia Evans). She cracks me up as well with her humor.

I also enjoyed meeting/seeing Jill, Lindsey, Dawn, Melissa (yes she deserves two mentions), Pam, Kayleigh Jamison, Samantha Sommersby, Selena Illyria, Eliza Gayle, Mima (who had the most incredible costume at the Masquerade), Diana Castilleja, Joey Hill, Woowoo, Froggy, and gosh so many more. I didn't catch some names, but recognized a lot of faces from RT.

Oh yes, can't forget Stella and Audra Price. Stella has so much energy and bounce. She's like a little fireball. I could sit and listen to Audra talk all day. Love her accent.

Thanks to Ann for being a good navigator and roomie! Yes, Larissa shall come to the next one...

LOL for the drive, my hubby got a GPS. He's tired of me getting lost, quite frankly. So Magellan became my new traveling companion. Took us up to Suffern one way and back home another...still haven't figured that out. The most memorable sight, going through a cemetery on a highway. Cemetery on both sides. I've never seen a one split like that.

Definitely a neat weekend and well done conference. If you didn't make this year's, book it for next year. I think it's going to be the end of September next year.

May the muses have good cons



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