Saturday, October 03, 2009

Banned Books Week--who decides?

Who decides what you are going to read? You? Suppose someone thought a book was so dangerous that no one should read it. No one. Removing it from a school library, then a public library might be a first step.

But suppose after that simple step, they took it further. They outlawed the book. It's a slippery slope from challenging a book in school to an outright ban.

One of the first thing the Nazis did when they took over was burn books. They wanted to control ideas.

That sentiment still exists today in people who would like to take out any books from circulation because they don't agree with the sentiment contained within the covers.

Free people read freely.

Read a banned book. See what ideas others thought were so dangerous they needed to pull this book for everyone.


PS In case you haven't gotten enough of me writing about Banned Books Week, pop over to TRS and read more. I posted a personal story of how I dealt with my child bringing home a book that I worried might be inappropriate for them.


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