Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Five

1. I survived camping! Whooo hooo! Had a lot of fun, too. The girls did archery, canoeing, a hike, painted a pumpkin, did a ropes course, performed a song in front of the camp, and trick or treated. Twas a nice time. Even though...

2. we were apparently exposed to H1N1. LOL. Eek. I haven't been feeling great this week (which is why I haven't updated before now...sorry), but am not running a fever so assume I don't have it. The oldest is home today with what might be it or just a run of the mill virus. Don't know yet. She's playing Xbox so she's not dying or anything.

3. I did line edits on Settler's Mine: The Man, turned them in and immediately received proofing edits on Blood Lines: Surge. Extensive proofing edits. The story is definitely a lot stronger for it. I'm excited, it shall be coming out soon!

4. I leave in a week for the Authors After Dark Paranormal Conference. Eek! I have a lot to do.

5. Halloween Snoopy is up, along with the rest of the outside stuff! I need to finish decking out for Halloween. May do that later today. We went to a pumpkin patch so have our pumpkins. Whoo hooo!

May the muses have good editors


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