Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Five

1. I have a new pretty. A new cover for Bloodlines 6: Surge. I'm so excited by this story. Love Cheyenne and Roc. It is a story that stands alone but definitely has some extras for those who have read previous books. I love April Martinez. The cover definitely rocks!

2. Have a new banner to go with the cover

3. Am going to the Authors After Dark Paranormal Weekend. Hopefully this will post while I'm driving up to NY! I'm so excited. I hope to have a lot of dark tales.

4. I've been posting all over the place. At the Authors of Erotic Romance on the Authors AFter Dark Paranormal Weekend, at Trampy Vamps on vampire slayers, and the Loose change blog on good news. A lot of it posted here but in more detail.

5. I'm ready for Halloween! I have candy, the house is decked out, Snoopy is up. Bring on the tricks and treats!

May the muses have dark weekends



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