Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday Five

1. Yes, I know I missed last week. *sigh* I think I mentioned the cold and flu season has hit hard here? I've been sick for what feels like forever. I finally started feeling better only to get knocked down again. I'm trying to dry my head out in the hopes I'll resume the living. LOL went to bed at 9:30 on Wed night and was probably asleep before kidlets and took an hour nap on Thursday. Between the head drying out meds and not feeling good, I'm wiped out.

2. As you read this, I'm probably on a bus to Luray Caverns. Going on a field trip with oldest. Have to be at school at 7:15. It's going to be fun! I love her class.

3. I'm doing my own 70 days of Sweat with some friends. It was supposed to start yesterday but I think we are moving the date off a bit. Hard to write when you are falling asleep in the chair...

4. Okay officially addicted to Castle. The Halloween episode (which I meant to blog on last week) was phenomenal. The inside jokes about Buffy and Firefly... Awesomeness. And kudos to the writers for make the show so very smart and also making Castle a parent. He's an understanding parent but several things have happened that show he is the parent. Love it! It's a fun, sexy, and twisty show.

5. Kudos also to Scholastic. I've been hitting their catalogs exceptionally hard this year and they did the book fair at youngest's school. Both kidlets love their authors and books. They did something really really really nice for youngest that they didn't have to do. Needless to say I'm going to continue hitting the catalogs. *sigh* we really need more bookshelves. The youngest and oldest have WAY different tastes in reading, and it's starting to show.

May the muses have Sudafed


Blogger Unknown said...

HUGS hoping you're feeling better! I'm a huge Scholastic fan too. For my daughter's party favors (mystery party) ordered 15 Nancy Drew spy girl kits from them (thank god for their low prices). Now she and some of her friends are reading the series together.

11:32 AM  

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