Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friday Five

1. I'm cruising on the new story. Hopefully will reach 6 K before the week is done. The heroine isn't talking enough, but McTavish, man he's loud. Now to bend them to my will. *muah hahahahahah*.

2. So I've still been coughing. And again, it started worsening. Wed, I started feeling bad again. Wed night I took some allergy medicine. So Thur morning, the cough was noticeably better. I hardly coughed at all. But I felt like a zombie. I was sooooo sleepy. I cut the dose Thur night. I'm not so zombielike but am still coughing too. Hmm do I want to be coughing maniac or sleeping zombie? I dunno.

3. I'm off to the SPCA this morning to volunteer. We went on a tour last Saturday with oldest's troop and I reminded again of how much they do. How many animals they have that the public doesn't see. How much they do in the community. Pets don't make good Christmas presents but they make great companions. Even spaz cats.

4. Did anyone watch the CMA's this week? I didn't but caught several clips. I didn't used to be a Brad Paisley fan, but after a couple of songs he's released that I really like and his cohost duties, I think I'm turning into one. I think Taylor Swift is a young talent. I really hope she can make this work and not burn out fast like so many do. I love Lady Antebellum so was glad they won.

5. I have a new pretty... I can't share yet, but soon. It's amazing *G*.

May the muses have SPCAs


Blogger Ann said...

1) the rain has stopped (for the most part)
2) still haven't seen the sun (in 3 whole days- thank you very much)
3) see cars driving by, have tried going anywhere though
4) have cabin fever
5) wanna meet in W'burg and talk books? Just let me know when. :)

5:13 PM  

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