Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Five

1. Edits are in on Settler's Mine 5: The Man. Whoo hooo. Getting closer!

2. I'm up to 10 K on the new Settler's Mine. Had a hard time writing the past few days. Had a disappointment. But I'm bouncing back now!

3. I have a Snoopy playing piano on my desk. It needs to move. LOL I keep hitting it to hear the songs.

4. Anyone watching V? I'm intrigued. I hear the numbers are falling fast. I hope they don't leave me hanging.

5. I'm so glad that the actors who were on Firefly and Serenity have been finding other work. Summer Glau aka River has been in Terminator and just joined Dollhouse. Adam Baldwin aka Jayne is on Chuck. Alan Tudyk aka Wash was on Dollhouse and is now on V (of which he's really impressed me. I was quite worried when he was going to be on Dollhouse because Wash was so different than what he'd be playing and he turned out an excellent performance. He's doing the same on V). Jewel Straite was on Stargate Atlantis. Sean Maher (Simon), Ron Glass(Shepherd Book), and Gina Torres (Zoe) have done various things. And of course Nathan Fillion (Capt. Mal) is Castle, which is quickly becoming my favorite show.

May the muses have favorite shows


Blogger Jenna Leigh said...

Ooh, verra pretty! Congrats on the new cover!

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