Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Five

1. I'm doing some touchup work to a Another Dream, Another Reality. Hope to be finished the next day or so. After that, work continues on writing the Rogue. Fun fun fun. '

2. Thanksgiving was good. I'm still STUFFED. LOL. I hope to get some Christmas cheer in the house over this weekend. I'm staying far away from the stores on this Black Friday.

3. Anybody else love the Boom de yada commercials by Discovery? I love both the older one and the new one that just aired. I find myself watching and listening to them.

4. Ever heard of a marine iguana? A lizard who swims. The oldest has to research this for an animal project. It's sort of an interesting critter. They live on Galapagos. Darwin described them as hideous.

5. My backyard is a marsh. It has rained so much this November. I'm expecting ducks any day now. Heck, maybe even the marine iguana will come by.

May the muses have friendly ducks


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