Thursday, November 05, 2009

The introvert's view of the AADPW Conference

I heard a quote once that a writer's conference was where you had a bunch of introverts all pretending to be extroverts for the length of the conference.

Oh yeah.

I admit I'm an introvert. I'm quiet. I listen a lot. I can fake talking but I'm more content to find a corner somewhere and hide out.

At big conferences with several hundred (or more) people, it's easy to do. You can get lost in big groups. I know, I'm an expert at doing it.

Authors After Dark Paranormal Weekend was different. It was a small, intimate conference.

No hiding allowed.

There weren't really any good corners. I know, I looked. LOL.

With the smaller nature of the conference, it was hard to stay shy. Hard not to sit at your table and get to know the other people there.

I have to say, I enjoyed myself. I wish a lot that I were more extroverted. I'm not a big talker or funny or have all these stories to tell. But at the AADPW, it didn't seem to matter. People just wanted to talk and find out about you.

I know I'll still attend the big cons and hide. But once and a while, I think I'm definitely going to seek out a smaller con where I can't. Just like with my writing, I love pushing my comfort zone sometimes.

May the muses have AADPW


Blogger Ann said...

Uhoh, now you're in trouble. Now I know that you're hiding, I'll have to go find you. No hiding at RT. There are peeps to see and talk to. :)

5:11 PM  

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