Friday, December 04, 2009

Friday Five

1. Very light writing week. I seem to be having trouble getting butt in chair and fingers on keys. I'm not bagging this week but really really hope to do better next week.

2. Did finish up some revisions asked for by the editor to Another Dream, Another Reality. Yay me!

3. I also finished up decking my halls! I had lots of help this year so the decorations totally rock. I also sent off all my out of state and out of country packages. Another yay me!

4. Today, went to Greek and Roman festival at school with youngest. Got to touch a rock from the Parthenon. It gave me chills. Told youngest, "You just touched history."

5. Going to the Nutcracker ballet tomorrow night. Get to get dressed up and everything. I love the music and the dancing.

May the muses have decked halls


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