Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Five

1. Proofing edits went back on The Man. Gear up release! I can't wait.

2. This weekend is just pure crazy. Cookie exchange with oldest's girl scout troop tomorrow night. Recitals Saturday morning, one guitar, the other piano. Doing the Living Nativity at a local church Saturday afternoon. Sunday has a cookie exchange with youngest's girl scout troop. Oldest has her girl scout troop meeting and an awards assembly. Then we do the Living Nativity again. LOL on Monday, I'm going to need a nap.

3. Writing is slowly getting back to snuff. I've had a hard time of it. The hecticness of the season doesn't help. Although I love the season so can't complain!

4. LOL guess what I've been doing? Playing a game where you name all the countries of the world. I'm at about 150 something out of 195. I'd like to get up to where I only miss about 10 or so. I'm good with Europe and Asia. Need to get Oceania, Africa, North America, and South America a little better. Definitely helping my geography.

5. I watched last week's Castle over last weekend and said, "This is the best episode yet." Watched Monday night's episode, and said, "This is the best episode yet!" I'm really loving how smart this show is. They don't introduce anything without it meaning something. I love that. I have the first season rented. Now to find time to watch...

May the muses have geography


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