Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Five

1. I love love love this time of year! Wheee. It's been super busy. Last weekend went well. The cookies were good. We enjoyed doing the Living Nativity as usual. The lion roared on cue *G*. The recitals were awesome. Youngest messed up a little but she covered it well. One of the administrators where we do lessons said seeing oldest playing guitar prompted another girl to say she wanted guitar lessons.

2. We could get SNOW! For us, quite a bit--4-7 inches. Yes, I live in a place that that amount of snow will shut down. We've not gotten a lot of snow in the past few years so naturally everyone is running to the grocery store to buy milk. The western parts of my state could have a record breaker with TWO feet. I'm hoping it comes. Otherwise, I'll have some very disappointed children.

3. The interesting thing about this snow is that it does have the potential to hang around for a while. Depends on a number of factors. LOL but I'm crossing fingers for a white Christmas.

4. I'm getting caught up on Dollhouse on my DVR. We missed taping a few episodes but the ones we did were very good. Alan Tudyk just rocks. And the actor who plays Victor, I've decided he really is a chameleon and can play anyone. He's one of the best I've seen.

5. When cats are cold they will do anything to stay warm. Climb on people. Lay on anything. It's kind of funny. They can sleep anywhere. Some days, I really want to be a cat...

May the muses have snow


Blogger Ann said...

Glad the nativity went well. Hope you get some snow, as long as the planes can still fly Wednesday, it can snow as much as it wants.
Want to do something after the new year's? Maybe a weekend thing with the girls? I'm working the 2-3, but the weekend after is free (I think).

12:04 PM  

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